Fast Cash for your home!

The reason for a homeowner to want to sell their home is typically one of three things:

  • (1) they are moving out of the area
  • (2) they are upsizing because their family is growing
  • (3) they are downsizing their empty nest for retirement

Occasionally there is an extreme circumstance where a homeowner needs to sell their home fast. He or she might be behind on payments but trying to avoid foreclosure to save their credit or might already be in foreclosure. The homeowner might be relocating because of a job or transferring to another military base. Or perhaps they just inherited the house through an estate but don't live in the area or want to offload the house.

Whatever the reason, selling a house in these conditions can be a headache or a hassle in more ways than one. You have to worry about possible repairs, keep your house clean for showings, and deal with a long wait till closing while the buyer goes through financing, along with an inspection and appraisal. The process can be even more difficult if you are trying to buy another home at the same time or are trying to sell the house from afar. This is where our immediate buyout program comes into play.

We have an investment team that specializes in being the solution for homeowners who need to sell their house fast. This team can buy homes as-is for cash and with a quick closing.  Immediate buyout prices normally include a 25 - 35 percent price discount which takes these transactions out of consideration for a typical home seller that is focused on getting top dollar for their home.  Immediate buyout candidates are most worried about getting a fast sale with the least amount of hassle as possible.