Client Interviews

In this section you will hear from 12 people (or couples) who live in the Wilmington area. You will learn how they chose the municipality in which they live, if they would make that same choice again, and why. Some of them are life-long residents who have seen their area evolve. Some moved from other parts of the country, and others moved from other areas within the Cape Fear River valley region. They will tell you who they think would like their town or neighborhood, and who would not. And finally, they will tell you what they do for fun!

The names of some of the interviewees have been changed to protect their privacy.

Marcia and Conrad Roncati Wilmington from Fort Lee, NJ Read Interview
Sharon Cavill Wilmington from Wayne, NJ Read Interview
Gretchen Lane Wilmington From Newfoundland, Canada Read Interview
Lauren Korch Wilmington from Forked River, NJ Read Interview
Karen Jennings Cypress Island From Lewisville, NC Read Interview
Chris Newsome Carolina Beach from Cleveland, OH Read Interview
Harrison Barger South Wilmington from Wallingford, CT Read Interview
Dan Tranter Myrtle Grove from Rochester, NY Read Interview
Wendy Hall Hampstead from St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands Read Interview
Mirabel Seymour Ogden from New Jersey Read Interview
Pam Baker Downtown Wilmington from Toms River, NJ Read Interview
Jeremy Johnson Carolina Beach from Wilmington, NC Read Interview