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Interviews - Karen Jennings

Cypress Island From Lewisville, North Carolina

Can you tell me what brought you to Cypress Island?

I fell in love with Wilmington probably 10 years ago. My husband and I came down and went through the historic downtown and I just fell in love with the area. We went in the quaint shops and went on a carriage ride and just couldn’t get enough. Then my daughter said that when she finished nursing school she wanted to move to the beach and I said Wilmington was really great.

Then we saw where Cypress Island was. It’s right there on the river and basically you can walk to wherever. I had a dream of being able to walk and take a book to sit on the edge of the river bank. And now I can. It’s peaceful and it’s a beautiful place. Cypress Island has a Par 3 golf course on it, which is good for my husband. We brought my daughter to see it and she walked through once and fell in love with it and said “this is what I want. I love it here.” We’re right across from the pool and we are near almost anything we love.

How did you go about choosing where to live?

Price had some things to do with it. We, of course, had a budget. Then the main thing was the area, I love water. I didn’t want to be on the beach but I wanted to be close. When I saw it would be right there on the river I said, this is great! I’ve always wanted to be on the water and I just fell in love with that particular area.

What other areas were you drawn to?

We looked at Breezewood, which was a very nice place, it’s up the road further on River Road. We fell in love with one place there and our REALTOR® was showing us through there and just as we were looking at each other to say it was exactly right, he got a phone call to say it had gone under contract. But I’m glad it did or we wouldn’t have found this place. We looked at a Townhome community up in Wilmington, that would have been or next choice.

What do you like about living in Wilmington that was a surprise to you?

The people are so nice. I was thinking since it was a college town it would be more rowdy, rude. But it’s not. I have not run into that at all. With so many young people here it could get out of hand, but it doesn’t. The other thing I like is, everything is accessible. Everything I would want is within a few miles of where we are at. Everything we’d have to shop for, the attractions we’d like to see, the restaurants are nearby.

What sort of people would like living in your neighborhood?

What I have seen there is basically older people, retired people, I think it would be great for younger couples, middle aged couples, rather than just retired people. I’m in my 50’s and I love it. My daughter will be 30 and she loves it. Almost anybody would enjoy it because of where it’s at. The location is amazing. It’s close to anything you need but still quiet and secluded.

What is your favorite way to spend a weekend here?

We like to go to visit the bars that are quaint or Irish café type of places close to the river and in that area. I like spending time right there in the historical part where you can just sit on the benches and watch the boats go up and down the river. There’s a nice restaurant right there on the river that I am looking forward to eating at. There’s a nice river view. I’m hoping to find a theater down there to catch some attractions or shows.

How is the commute/getting around? Is there much traffic?

My REALTOR® showed me some tricks to that. He’s really handy with the back roads. If I have to go out and get on one of the busier roads, I just give myself a lot of extra time. Especially when it is the beach season. You can pretty much judge the times that you would need to leave to go out. But the traffic doesn’t bother me that badly. There are a lot of people who visit Carolina Beach and we were some of them until we decided to move here.

What advice would you give someone considering a move to the Wilmington area?

If they are going to make a move and they like the water and they like people, they’d be crazy not to. It’s just a great place. Wear sunscreen and enjoy the beautiful area.

What do you do to stay out of the way of the tourists?

I’m a people person. I like everybody, so I want to be in the way of the tourists. I like to interact with people and I’m glad they like the area well enough to visit! Maybe they’ll move like we did. I can’t fault them because I’ve been a tourist long enough.

What’s your favorite local attraction/restaurant/event?

I like taking the boat tours along the river, whether it’s on the big paddlewheel steamboat or actually just going up the river on a runabout. I have found out that there are a couple of places down there where I can see some local bands play. I am looking forward to that. I love the aquarium down at Fort Fisher, I like taking the ferry across to Southport and then back. I like anything to do with boats or the water. I would like to go to some of the theater shows. I like live shows.

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