When starting (or re-starting) your career in real estate, one of the first decisions many agents struggle with is "do I want to be on a team, be a solo-agent, or start my own team?".  We've found that too many times, unprepared agents decide what company to join for reasons they realize later may not have been well-founded.   Some agents choose to join the largest or most well-known company thinking that will automatically give them an advantage, but later realize they got lost in a large warehouse with templated one-size-fits-all training and systems.  No doubt, a few agents work very hard and do well in this environment but we've found that usually smaller firms have much higher per new-agent productivity, which means you tend to get more "at-bats" and opportunities to make more money.  

Top producing real estate teams tend to create more opportunities for agents to engage with potential buyers and sellers without a new agent having to invest in the myriad of marketing and systems required to thrive in today's always-changing real estate industry.  Also, top teams provide real-time mentor-based training with real buyers and sellers, versus out-of-date video or classroom-style theoretical training provided by some larger brokerages.  

In creating Waypost Realty, Buddy Blake created a real estate company that includes all the systems, personal real-world training, marketing, leads, and office space that top teams provide so agents can sell homes faster and without the massive risk of initially going it alone.  This allows newer agents (or existing struggling agents) to get more "at-bats" while they build out their own marketing systems.  We offer agents top splits on their business but also they have the option of enjoying company-created opportunities for as long as they wish to participate.  We do not charge our agents internal referral fees or recurring monthly desk or other fees.   This model has allowed numerous agents to get started with company-created leads to generate income until they fill their own business pipelines.  It really is the best of all worlds.

Listen below to Buddy Blake, owner of Waypost Realty, share his thoughts on what could be one of the biggest decisions you ever make as an agent.

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Some of the unique things all agents at Waypost Realty enjoy, without monthly fees:

  • Leads, leads, and more leads
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance ("E&O")
  • Access to our in-house closing coordinator
  • Access to our in-house IT team
  • Online Referral Management system (referrals can be "found money" for agents that put in the extra effort)
  • Free client moving truck with online reservation system at
  • Cutting-edge CRM (Client Relationship Management) customized by Sierra Interactive
  • Personal Website, complete with integrated CRM
  • Cloud-based transaction management and electronic signature system by Skyslope.
  • Agent pre-screening security system and IOS app by Forewarn, which allows our agents to do criminal background, phone, address, vehicle, and other screenings in real-time before the agent meets the client.  
  • Property, neighborhood, and prospect reverse lookup service provided by ExactDial.
  • Real-time personal and bulk video email system by Bombbomb.
  • Online gent and team accountability coaching system provided by
  • Premier Membership in referral networks such as Homelight, Zillow,, Homes for Heroes, and more.
  • Free usage of our office resources such as copiers, scanners, computers, conference rooms, desk space, and office supplies. 

If you would like to have a conversation about joining Waypost Realty email with the best phone number to reach you at OR click here to complete our online agent assessment form.