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I am a lifelong Wilmington resident, and one of the pioneering "team" leaders in the country and have been operating one of the top real estate teams in the State world for over 20 years.

There are numerous ways to have a business in real estate.  If you have a very deep and exclusive sphere of influence you may be able to launch your real estate career as a stand-alone agent.  However, if you are like most people in today's interconnected world with everyone knowing numerous agents, you would likely be served better working with a team so you do not have to learn and invest in real estate marketing.  Also, when you are on a team you are able to "borrow" the experiences and stories from a collective group of well-cultured and seasoned agents to better serve your client.

We offer agents on our team LEADS, technology, systems, and the in-the-trenches guidance needed to grow and enjoy their careers in real estate.  As we navigate the current and future market conditions, it will be harder and more financially risky than ever for new or struggling real estate agents to flourish in this business without an established lead flow, marketing presence, and experience.

We provide agents with LEADStraining, systems, and opportunities to build a stable sales pipeline utilizing the database Buddy has been developing and cultivating for many years. 

If you want to really learn the business quickly and get more "at-bats" faster and without a huge financial risk, join a team.  If you are hung up on getting the highest "splits" (remember 100% of zero = zero), don't join a team.  It really is that simple.

If you would like to have a conversation with Buddy, complete the form below or call/text Buddy's cell phone at 910-262-7006, or email  I enjoy and am always willing to chat about the industry, whether you're with our team or not.  

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Conversations with Our Agents

Conversation with Amber Thoryk
Cell: (910) 232-5953 Email: A wife, proud mother of one tiny human, and a dog owner of two. Amber is a lifelong Wilmingtonian who finds herself in tranquility at the beach and leaves her worries at the shoreline. As a woman passionate about her family, she is also immensely devoted to her faith. Before joining Buddy’s team, she was influencing our future as the director of a preschool.
Conversation with Tyler Beverage
Learn more about one of the finest real estate professionals in our entire region and how she has battled numerous adversities as she has been growing her real estate business exponentially, one person at a time.
Conversation with Tyler Beverage
In this LIVE broadcast, Buddy Blake will be interviewing and having a conversation with Tyler Beverage, who in just a few short years has become one of the top agents in the region. You will learn more about Tyler and also get his take on what buyers, sellers, and agents should be doing in this market.