Buddy leads a team at eXp Realty called Waypost Realty, which services the entire Southeastern North Carolina area.  Buddy has been training, coaching, and mentoring agents locally and throughout the US for over twenty years.  Whether you are just getting your real estate license or you've been in the business for years, Buddy can help you grow your business and improve your work-life balance. 

  • THINKING ABOUT GETTING INTO REAL ESTATE:  If you are thinking about getting into real estate, we recommend you have meaningful conversations with agents who have been in the business for less than 2 years so you can ask them about their experiences, struggles, and what they would do differently if they were doing it again.  You will need to take and pass the 80 hour required pre-licensing courses from a state-accredited real estate school. and then pass the required state exam(s).  Once you have enrolled in an area real estate school you can apply for our "Agent In Training" position, where we actually pay you while getting your licenses and train in our systems in real-time so you can be up and running the day you get your license.
  • SHOULD I JOIN A TEAM?  In today's real estate environment we recommend that new agents join a team with strong leadership, systems, lead generation, training, coaching, and mentorship.  It's estimated that over 90% of the people who get their license and do not start their career on a team fail in the first 18 months.  Unless you have a tee-up long list of people you know that are planning to immediately buy and sell, you should join a team.  You will simply have exponentially more opportunities to engage with buyers and sellers in real-time when you are on a strong team.  Apply to JOIN OUR TEAM here.
  • WHY WE CHOSE EXP REALTY:  We enjoyed working at Coldwell Banker for 12 years and then having ownership in multiple RE/MAX offices for another 10 years.  We then chose to partner with EXP as they are one brokerage serving the entire US, which allows us to reach more clients and engage with more agents in an innovative cloud-based brokerage system.  Our agents are now able to enjoy real ownership in eXp.  Every producing real estate agent within eXp is awarded free EXPI stock as well as the option to enjoy equity ownership from earned commissions.  eXp also provides Health Care Options, lead-generating agent websites, and the companies agent-centric organic growth creates an opportunity for agents to share recurring revenues with eXp for introducing other producing agents to eXp.

Buddy's eXp Network

When you join eXp Realty, you have the option of choosing a sponsor.  When you choose Buddy or anyone on his team as your eXp sponsor you will have the opportunity to take advantage of everyone eXp has to offer plus unlimited coaching and mentoring with Buddy.  You will also be welcome to use our office facilities and attend our eXp mastermind events and training courses. 

To get started with eXp visit and when asked for your sponsor enter the phone number 910-262-7006.  If you have any questions email or connect at


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