Buddy's Buyer Advantage Guarantee

In a market like we are experiencing home buyers are having to make quick decisions or risk not getting the home they want.  As available inventory continues to constrict in some price ranges some home sellers are feeling invincible and may refuse to address issues they might normally would.  Another trend is in the increased number of for sale by owner homes which creates even more risk for a home buyer, as the sellers are may not disclose known defects and simply cover-up real problems that the average home buyer may not discover or become aware without the assistance of a savvy REALTOR© working for them as their Buyer's Agent.

Why Risk It .. When It's Free?

Typically in our area the home seller pays the commission and the Buyer can have the assistance of a Buyers Agent without any additional expense.  

What If You Move Sooner?

"What if I get transferred and need to sell my home?  Will I be Upside Down?

"This is one of the biggest concern for home buyers.  Selling a home in the next couple of years after purchasing generally will cause some loss as there is just not enough time for possible market appreciation.  Well, this is where Buddy's BUYER ADVANTAGE GUARANTEE can help home buyers have peace of mind in this.  IF a home buyer purchases a home with Buddy Blake as their Buyer's Agent and the home buyer needs to sell within two years of their purchase Buddy will sell the home buyer's home for free.  What does this mean?  It's simply, Buddy will market the home for a total of only three percent commission, instead of his normal six percent.  This is just another way Buddy works harder to serve his clients and continue to be one of the most referred agents in the country.

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