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In the current real estate market in the Wilmington area, we simply do not have enough homes to sell.  We are asking anyone that has not listed their home with a broker to please let us know so we can share it with our buyers.  

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Hi, this is Buddy Blake here with Waypost Realty here in Wilmington. And if you're seeing this video, you may have gotten a letter in your mailbox or an email in your email box about us looking for homes to sell, and it is exactly what it says. We're not trying to list your home. Obviously, we would love to list your home and sell it for you, because we do believe we can get folks more money than selling in on their own. But the real reason is just in case you are thinking about or doing right now, a for sale by owner and you're selling it yourself. Because I don't think I need to tell you how busy the market is, it's crazy. We have a lot of buyers that we are trying to find homes for. And so what we're really asking for is just give us the information on your house down below, as much as you want to give us, and we will share that with the agents in our company and we're not going to be getting it out outside of that.


We're going to be sharing it with them. And if we've got a buyer that might be interested that way we can tell them about it and let them know because that's the only way, because our systems get things out of the MLS and for sale by owners is not in the MLS. But anyway, we would love to work with you in any way we can, but really our goal number one is to help our buyers find something. And then if it doesn't work out, obviously selling your house by owner, or if you don't want to deal with some of the households that go with it and the pitfalls, we certainly would love to have a conversation about that too. But thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video. If we can help in any way, please don't hesitate to give us a call at (910) 395-1000, or shoot me an email buddy@buddyblake.com. Thank you.

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