Waypost Realty Announces Forewarn Security System

Wilmington, North Carolina -  Buddy Blake, founder and Broker/Owner of Wilmington based Waypost Realty, announces a company-wide affiliation with FOREWARN Technologies, a division of publicly traded RED VIOLET®.  FOREWARN was created to address previously unserved safety and awareness issues in industries that continue to be reliant on personal interactions with consumers.  By leveraging leading-edge, proprietary technology and a massive data repository, FOREWARN changes the safety and consumer insight dynamic from reactive to proactive.

"We want to offer as much protection for our agents, staff and clients as we possibly can.  We are investing thousands of dollars per year."

According to Buddy, this new technology allows Waypost Realty agents to be able to lookup prospective buyers or sellers by phone number or name, nathionwide, with incredible accuracy.  The agents are able to see property records, vehicle records, associated phone numbers, lien records, mailing addresses, recent bankrupcy or foreclosure records, and summary criminal records. 

Buddy provides this security, technology and service free of charge to all the agents and staff of Waypost Realty.  

"Ideally, I would like to see all the agents in our entire region have access to this technology, but that is out of my hands."

Here is a brief overview of the technology.  If you are an agent or company owner, Buddy will be happy to provide his contact at FOREWARN.  The more that use this technology, the better.  You can reach Buddy by phone at 910-395-1000 or email buddy@buddyblake.com

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