Showing Activity for 2020

2020 US Showings Report

showing chart for us

Wilmington NC - What a crazy ride it's been in the real estate business for the year 2020.  We started out quite busy as interest rates at the time were "crazy low" at 3.5% and then in March --- EVERYTHING CHANGED!.  As the entire country went into lockdown mode showings went to the lowest levels we've seen in the last 20 years and most of us were doing everything we could to offload expenses and go to cash on everything we could.   And then... People began to flee the large dense cities in favor of more suburban / smaller towns.  And then... interest rates plunged to the mid 2's and people learned how to adapt and got bored and started doing home improvements or buying new homes.  And then ... prices shot up on housing and sellers started to take profits.  And then... there were nearly no homes available to purchase.  And then... we shall see. 

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