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Why Sellers Should Have Inspections Done Before Listing

Today's residential real estate market is no longer the seller's market it was during the "pandemic market."  With less buyer demand, we are no longer seeing insane bidding wars, and consequently, most sellers are no longer receiving the all-cash offers they had become accustomed to. 

That means sellers have to navigate some old friends – inspection requests, appraisals, and buyer's remorse.

An inspection informs buyers of any significant work that needs to be done on a property. In many cases, these inspections re-open negotiation discussions for either work to be done or a price reduction. 

If you're a seller in today's market, having a pre-listing home inspection could save you time and future heartache and get you more money - and actually have a closing.  It's a high likelihood that a buyer will request a home inspection. If the inspection uncovers any big-ticket items, then you better believe that buyer will use the assessment to negotiate. 

Having a pre-listing home inspection gives sellers powerful information they can use to get ahead of repairs that a buyer's inspection will uncover. If a buyer's inspection reveals a laundry list of deferred maintenance, it may scare the buyer away from the deal.  A pre-listing inspection allows sellers to get on top of home repairs and save money, all on their own time.

Often, when repairs need to be done after a purchase contract is signed, there's either a limited time for them to be completed unless the buyer asks for a lower sale price.  Both situations result in sellers paying a premium for repairs they could have addressed for less money before the property was on the market.  A pre-listing home inspection allows sellers the time to control how items are fixed and how much they spend.  Furthermore, because home repairs can add value, sellers might find that these repairs allow them to list their property for even more, which is a much better outcome than having to lower their price during negotiations.

Lastly, a pre-listing inspection can help a sale close faster. Instead of spending time fixing items on an inspection, the sale can progress smoothly.    

If you're considering selling your property, remember that the selling process doesn't start when your home hits the market.  Having an experienced real estate agent that can guide you in planning and execution is the first and most important step in today's real estate market.

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