Seller Home Inspections Equals More Money & More Deposits in 2022

WILMINGTON NC - Buddy Blake, owner and broker in charge of Waypost Realty, discusses how home sellers will GET MORE MONEY & DEPOSITS by having a home inspection done before going to market. 

  • Waypost Realty to offer FREE HOME INSPECTIONS to sellers in the first quarter of 2022*.  Complete the form at the bottom of the page for more information or call our office at 910-395-1000. 

Hi, my name is Buddy Blake and I am the owner here at Waypost Realty in Wilmington, North Carolina. I just want to thank you for stopping back by our website just a bit ago, to check out your home's potential value in this market. I do want to tell you that the automated systems that we use online, Zillow uses online, and all the other companies use online, are pretty much useless right now. So yes, take a look at it to see kind of what the automated value might be. But just understand that the market conditions have changed so rapidly over the last 18 months, that what was even a month ago may not be what it is now. So we definitely don't want you to leave any money on the table.

And also, I wanted to share with you some current data that is really more timely. Like what's out there, what's coming, what's coming soon, so you can know what your competition's going to be. Because that's what you really need to put into your pricing right now in this kind of crazy market. But I do want to tell you, you will get more money if you do a pre-home inspection. I believe in it so much that for any of the agents at Waypost Realty that work with clients in the first quarter of 2022, I am going to pay for the home inspection upfront. And if it needs a heating and air inspection, I'll do that too. And if it needs a roof inspection, I'll do that too.

We want to make sure that your home is positioned to sell for the highest money and the most non-refundable money in deposits, to make sure that deal gets held together. What we've found over the last well, 20 years for me, but certainly more so in the last year and a half, with all the out of area buyers, site unseen buyers, multiple offers, and things like that. We know for a fact that if you have a pre-home inspection, it gives the buyer the confidence to offer more money, and more deposits, and better terms. Anyway, we'd love to help you with that. I'm willing to take the risk alongside any of our agents here at Waypost Realty, to make sure you get more money, and more deposits, and make sure your deal actually closes. Please don't hesitate to reach out, we'd love the opportunity to serve you any way we can in 2022 and beyond. Thanks.

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