Pre Home Inspections Yes or No

Should You Do A Pre Selling Home Inspection?

Over the years I have recommended doing them and not doing them, but it really depends on the market dynamics and the home sellers attitude and financial ability to make any needed repairs.

What If They Find Problems?

If "real" problems are found, such as plumbing leads, significant rotting, excessive moisture, fogged windows etc., the seller then has the opporunity to have these issues repaired on the seller's timeline versus being rushed into making bad decisions or paying too much.  

"We have a number of vendors we have used over the years that we are happy to recommend.  Of course, like anything, you would need to coordinate and negotiate with them to get the best job and best price accordingly." -Buddy Blake

What If I Can't or Don't Want to Fix Things?

In this case you could simply DISCLOSE the items on the residential dislosure addendum but it would be better to repair the issues if at all possible.  If you simply do not have the money to do the repairs, some top REALTORS such as Buddy Blake may provide a short-term loan as this will help the seller get the highest price possible and also allow the REALTOR to have the best chance of earning their commission at the close of the sale. 

What If I Refuse to Repair or Disclose?

This is pretty simple - Not an Option.

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