Receives Another National Award

GOOD NEWS FROM THE FIELD Driving Traffic to the models is a HOT TOPIC and I have been presenting this around the country.  I am looking for innovative, unconventional ideas to drive in traffic that are free or very low budget.  If you will email your idea to and we mention it, you will get a FREE CD.  Don’t be shy.  Send us your kick butt ideas NOW! And our winner for the month is...Buddy Blake of Coldwell Banker/Sea Coast Realty in Wilmington, North Carolina. Check out "". Buddy and his sales team in North Carolina came up with a very quirky way to drive traffic to their website and to their communities.
These Realtors turned to an online game show whereby you "vote" for your favorite contestant ("on site agent"). has received nearly 10,000 unique visitors in less than a month. Buddy Blake said they are getting publicity from realtors across the country and a lot of action at their communities. Very inventive!


#1 By Jayson at 9/9/2016 11:19 PM

Congratulations on the award. I watched several of your videos the other night. They're like lays potato just can't stop.

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