New optical fiber to be produced in Wilmington

New optical fiber to be produced in Wilmington

May 12, 2010 By Josh Spilker

Corning Inc. announced yesterday that its new submarine optical fiber will be produced in Wilmington, according to company spokesperson Taryn Manuele.

The new optical fiber is called the Vascade EX2000 optical fiber and is described by Corning in a press release as being “ultra-low-loss” that “addresses the needs of next-generation, high-data-rate submarine networks.”

The press release says that the system can be stretched and reduces the number of needed data amplifiers.

“Industry trends point to the deployment of higher line rates and higher capacity.  This drives the need to develop and offer new submarine optical fibers and unique dispersion-managed optical fiber solutions.  We believe that Corning innovation is at the forefront of these developments,” said Barry Linchuk, diretor of worldwide marketing for Corning optical fiber, in a press release.

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