National Builder Plea For Help Video - MUST WATCH

It's time for banks and the federal government to step up and help builders across the Country.  The solid builders who have never had defaults, short sales etc are not able to get construction loans from banks, much due to the fact that the Federal Government has pretty much told banks to NOT do residential builder loans.  Many builders were given loans to close the lots so they could build new homes, but now the very same banks who loaned them the money to buy the lots will not give them the loans to build the houses, even in the much active first time buyer market. 

Please talk to your elected officials and any bankers you know and get this on the front burner.  The Federal goverment is so consumed with the proposed Health Plan they are completely ignoring the one industry that provides over 20% of the jobs in the Country and has always been what has lead us out of recessions.  IT'S TIME TO ACT PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!  Talk is Cheap...  Do something now before good, solid and responsible builders fall...

Watch This Video Done By Real-Life Builders

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