Monday Morning Coffee - Increasing showings, contracts and beaches open

After several weeks of being closed, all area beaches will be open again for limited access.  While we may not be able to take our chairs or fishing equipment to the beach, we can certainly take much-needed walks and shelling excursions.  To learn more about the area beaches guidelines, click the links below:

Wilmington Riverfront

Not only does Wilmington have breathtaking views, we apparently have breath-worthy air to go along with it.  According to the American Lunch Association and it's annual US annual State of the Air Report, our area is ranked in the top 4 of places to live in our country for clean air.   Read more


The area real estate market activity continues to improve with showings, contracts and home prices rising each week.  New listings to the market continues to be stalled which is pushing the average days on market for mainline homes ($200,000-$400,000) down to levels I've not seen in my twenty-two years of selling real estate in the Wilmington area.  

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