Monday Morning Coffee | Monday November 9th, 2009


Think there's any "moral crisis" going on in our country right now? What about in our city? Our schools? Our neighborhood? Where did it come from, and why are we facing these challenges?

We are a country - city - neighborhood - blessed with peace and prosperity. Our daily choices range from which SUV we will drive, to where we will dine next, to how we will redecorate our home this year. Our concerns include our child's upcoming soccer match, whether or not to refinance the house, making "Salesperson of the Year," and taking more time for golf or tennis.

With all the choices complemented by our affluence, we have also become compliant, accepting, and politically correct. We strive to please everyone, avoid "rocking the boat," and prefer the status quo. It's so much easier that way, isn't it?

In doing so, however, we may also abdicate responsibility for teaching our children the value of principle-centered living. What principles should we be teaching - and practicing? Why not adopt and teach the value of courage, diligence, faithfulness, generosity, cleanliness, honesty, encouragement, frugality, humility, industry, justice, moderation, order, resolution, silence, honesty, sincerity, temperance, and tranquility?

Imagine how the world around us would change if we taught and participated in more of these time-honored values. Remember that our country IS our cities, our neighborhoods, and our homes. What begins at the grass roots level - literally in our own backyards - can be spread throughout the world. Abandon neutrality and you can change the world!


"The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in time of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality." ~ Dante


#1 By Karen McLaughlin at 9/9/2016 11:19 PM

I agree that we should absolutely stand up and be counted. This whole PC thing is just so idiotic!
No more wishy washy action. Our kids definitely need to be taught morals and courtesy, etc. But that being said, I believe this country won't see any change for the better until it gets back to being a God-fearing, God-loving country. Only God can really change people, and if we don't allow Him to change us, this country will be in a lot of trouble

#2 By Denise Kimball at 9/9/2016 11:19 PM

Words of wisdom and truth. We all need to be of service to those around us!

God Bless.

#3 By Cindy Peters at 9/9/2016 11:19 PM

Wonderfully written. Well worth reading twice and contemplating over. I will send it on to my daughter (25 years old) who has a very young son.

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