Monday Morning Coffee | January 4, 2010


"It's important to let people know what you stand for.
It's equally important to let them know what you won't stand for. 
- B. Bader


How careful we must be today - to avoid the slightest slight to others. If we continue, we will become totally homogenized - each looking, acting, talking, and walking like each other. The unique identity into which we were born will mellow, fade, and eventually become transparent. The gifts and talents we have to offer will be so diluted as to go unnoticed.

What ever happened to our right to speak out against wrong? Why do we allow ourselves to be hushed and shushed when we verbalize our expectation of respect from the very young? Why are we so sensitive to what "they" think of our actions when we attempt to do good?

Each of us is uniquely individual. We are one of a kind, not just an ingredient in the soup of humanity. Each of us is born with the ability to make a difference, to contribute our talent, to expect the best. We have the ability to set standards for ourselves, to choose the principles upon which we live and serve.

We also have the responsibility to teach our children "what we stand for" as well as "what we won't stand for." By unashamedly living those principles, and expecting the same from our children, we help set the course for others who have not the strength to do so. We are the example.

Political correctness, as it applies to granting full respect for others is perfectly acceptable. Political correctness, as it is often applied as a choke-chain to restrain the desire to uphold what is right, is a gross misuse of the desire for simple courtesy and politeness.

Let's just drop "political" and be correct!


#1 By Karen McLaughlin at 9/9/2016 11:19 PM

Just a big AMEN to your blog!!

#2 By Brian Blanchfield at 9/9/2016 11:19 PM

Very Worthwhile. I listened to your 6 minute "entrance" video (a bit too long, but I wasn't put off by it - kind of original). Great message and it shows your genuine interest. Just by sending an email to your potential clients you've gotten your msg out, shown interest/enthusiasm in your work, and at no cost to my available time.
Unlike the phone call, if I can't "listen" to you now, I can hold the email til later in the day, when I'm not as busy, and will pay more attention.
I'd keep this style of communication up. Cheaper for you I'm sure, less time spent "cold calling" on the part of your agents, and you can communicate every month/six weeks or as often as new "news" is breaking. And continue to solicit input from us on how to improve, etc. Makes us feel loved - Ha!
I screen most of my phone calls, unfortunately. I just do - I am usually wrapped up with something else going on. That being said, I'd probably always listen to all you have in your electronic messages, since I WANT to learn about Wilmington and entire NC area, but on my schedule. I watched your msg, and your 3 related videos as well. Liked the HGTV segment as well - why? Because I had time in later evening to watch. Thanks!

#3 By Buddy Blake at 9/9/2016 11:19 PM

Thanks Karen!

#4 By Buddy Blake at 9/9/2016 11:19 PM

Thanks for the feedback Brian... I really appreciate your honesty... and agree it was too long... We are working so hard to make sure we don't not follow up with folks... but its always a mystery as to how much is "enough" and how much is "too much".. THANK YOU and happy new year!

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