Making A Local Impact

I had a wonderful visit this morning with my good friend and fellow agent Chris Spivey.  Chris is an incredible professional and an even better person.  Chris and I have know each other for around fifteen years (when we were both getting started in real estate) and we are both born, raised, educated and started our own families right here in wonderful Wilmington.  

I asked Chris to talk about the incredibile IMPACT CLUB he has started here in Wilmington which allows EVERYONE TO BE A PART of something much bigger and impactful than themselves.  Chris and fellow club-members gather together four times a year and raise money that GOES DIRECTLY to a LOCAL CHARITY that is voted on by the members.  Year to date over $60,000 of much needed funds have been INVESTED LOCALLY with NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

If you would like to learn more about IMPACT CLUB start with Chris's personal website at and then JOIN OUR FAMILY in MAKING A DIFFERENCE on September 10th for the next member gathering.   To sign up to MAKE A DIFFERENCE visit and select the Wilmington NC chapter.

If you would like to reach Chris to learn more call him on his cell phone at 910-239-1138

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