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Monday Morning Coffee - March 1, 2021
This week Buddy shares the latest market and absorption reports for Wilmington and surrounding areas. Also, Buddy and his team are looking for new agents who are hungry to learn the business.
Monday Coffee - The Market May Be Already Shifting
WILMINGTON, NC - In this video Buddy shares what he thinks could be a leading-edge indicator that things have already peaked and could already be shifting quicker than many experts think.
Make Your Best Offer The Best You Can
Don't keep missing out on homes using tactics that worked in the past. Make sure you are working with all the tools at your control to make the very best offer the first time.
1st Quarter 2021 Market Update
Now is NOT The Time To Sell By Owner
If you are selling your home buy owner in this market, you may be leaving THOUSANDS of NET DOLLARS on the table. You might not pay as much commission but you sure could be getting less total NET TO SELLER.
Hey Sellers - When Is Enough... Enough
In this video Buddy Blake shares stories about how for sale by owners are losing money, losing deals and getting themselves in a bind. Also, make sure you have a goal and stay focussed on that and do not get over "greedy" as this can cause some sellers to make poor decisions that end up costing them thousands and creates incredible stress for everyone involved. Be KIND, Have GRACE and treat the buyers as you would want to be treated...

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