Make buyers fall in love with your home

Buyers keep looking until they fall in love. They are not looking for
“a” home, they are looking for “the” home, their “dream” home. They
are tired of seeing homes that are not ready for sale (more than 75%).
They want a clean, fresh, move-in-ready, “Turn-Key” home. Most do not
want to do even minor projects, despite what they say.
As a seller, it is critical to understand the mind of the buyer. Buyers
do not buy homes; they buy the feeling they get when they are looking at
a home. In other words, buyers buy emotionally, they buy with their
eyes. They are not always using their brains to decide, they are using their
hearts. And in good markets or tough markets, when a buyer finds the
right home, they will fall in love, and that home will sell for the highest
possible price.
We have witnessed a buyer considering two identical homes on the
same street, in the same neighborhood, with identical lots, and pay
$15,000 more for the one that spent $950 preparing the home for sale.
We have seen homes sit on the market for six months, then sell in 15
days (at a higher list price) after a few small adjustments to improve the
buyer perception of the home. The old cliché holds true here: You don’t
get a second chance to make a good first impression, so don’t wait six
months and miss out on lots of great buyers.
If you want to sell your home for the highest price in the shortest
amount of time, emphasize or add elements with which buyers will fall in
love, and fix or remove issues that will cause them to hesitate.
There are a few investor types out there who truly decide with their
brain, whose first priority is a good deal on a house (as opposed to buyers
looking for the best home for themselves). As sellers, we want the buyer
to choose our home as the right home--We are not looking for them to 
get a good deal, right? So unless you are desperate, ignore the investors for
the most part. What we want is a buyer to come to your home, fall in
love, and impulsively write an offer at (or near) your asking price. So we
will concentrate on this type of buyer instead. In addition, the majority of
buyers are this type anyway. To win over these buyers, enhancing the
appeal and value as described above is critical. Once your home goes on
the market, it’s no longer your home. It’s a product we are marketing to
the masses. It’s a product we are packaging for profit. Never forget that.

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