I Sure Could Use Your Help

I’m now in my 20th year of real estate and I’m surprisingly still trying to figure out what I should be doing to really serve people well, make a good living and have as much time possible with my family.  

One would think that after being involved with thousands of home sales it would be easy at this point, I sure though it would be.... but for me it’s harder than ever.

When I started my career in real estate after years of working in a family-owned retail store everything came so easy to me.  I found that many real estate agents were in the business part-time, whether admitted or functionally, and all I did was put the hours in, out-work most others and do as my dad always taught me... be nice and help people figure out and achieve what they are really looking to do.

The Internet Changed Everything

Somewhere along the way my real estate business exploded, obviously to me something God provided as it was nothing I planned or had the skills to do alone.  I did have some timing on my side as I was an an early adopter of personal computers and immediately implemented real estate websites showing all of the homes for sale in Wilmington and worked database marketing into my business long before many even knew what it was, and I was made fun of quite a bit by my competitors.  

To this day a number of my agent friends still call me “dot com”.  Over the course of the next decade I had some amazing success, much do to agents and staff I had assembled along the way.  I’m proud that while I made a lot of mistakes and handled some situations poorly, many of these agents and staff members that were along for the ride are now thriving in their own careers in real estate or related businesses... I’d like to think I helped in some small way, accidentally or purposely.

I’ll not bore anyone with the crazy swings I’ve gone through over the last decade, as we all have had our own life craziness to work through.  Here I am in my twentieth year working in Wilmingon real estate, so happy in my personal life with my family and our ever-deepening spiritual journey and now I am going to morph my work-life into a happier and more meaningful endeavor; for my clients, team members and myself.

 To do this I need help, as this journey will take me back to my very roots of being much simpler and focusing on going deeper with clients and prospective clients versus throwing massive marketing nets in all directions and getting to really know so few people.  

So here’s what I could really use help with:  My database is now very large (and overwhelming) and likely not 100% current - I’m asking past, current and future friends to help me get back to engaging in a meaningful way by simply having a catch-up conversation on the phone or in person.  I'm not asking anyone to buy or sell a home with me right now, I just want to reignite relationships I’ve allowed to fade away or create a few new ones along the way.

If you are willing to share some of your time please reply to this message with the best way to reach you and where I might send you a note card of thanks.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

- Buddy

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