HELP WANTED | Buddy Blake Team Seeking Motivated Buyer Agents!!

Our team has been experiencing an increase of buyers inquiring about purchasing a home in the Wilmington area.  With this increased demand, a number of our top producing Buyer Agents have become extremely busy.  Yes, it is a good problem to have... but selling real estate in today's world is not the same as it was years ago.

With this said, we are seeking qualified and committed NC Licensed REALTORS to work with the Number 1 Real Estate Team in The Carolinas.  Working with our team is demanding and time consuming, definately not for those who want to "work out of their house", "work part-time", "try it out"  or do things "their own way/pace".

To be a successful Buyer's Agent on our team (or anywhere for that matter) requires, just to mention a few things:

  • Dedication, Extreme Work Ethic
  • Long, Long hours
  • Understanding you have to work when buyers are buying
  • Working almost EVERY weekend showing homes, prospecting and open houses
  • Working evenings prospecting and following up
  • Being available nearly at all times
  • Techno Savy (Email, Texting, High Speed Access, Contact Mgmnt etc)
  • Embracing Our Team's Systems, even if you are uncomfortable with it
  • Being an ENERGY-GIVER!!!  no room for whiners
  • Understand that you will most likely go months without any income when you start
  • Be prepared to work as a team, which sometimes means helping others on the team without getting paid... (ie show a home, pickup a sign etc).
  • Learn, Prepare, Practice, Present Scripts / Roll-Playing / and more Scripts
  • FORGET what you know now... no more " This is how I used to do it..."
  • WORK!!!  WORK!!!    WORK!!!    and WORK HARDER!!!!

If you are interested in joining our team and taking your real estate career to new levels please email me your resume and any other information you think makes you stand out from the rest.  Email me at:

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