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RISMEDIA, Dec. 13, 2008-As Alan Greenspan said recently, we are in the midst of an economic tsunami the likes of which has never been seen. Wave after wave of news, reporting one crisis after another, crash on our lives daily.

As consumers ride out these waves, the entire economy is affected with reductions in spending and non-essential products or services being delayed or eliminated. The government-approved bailout plan is going through a metamorphosis, which, in my opinion, needs to occur prior to the funds being disbursed. Distributing $700 billion without proper oversight or consideration could make matters worse; it’s like placing a bandage prior to stitching the wound.

Deregulation in the financial sector without proper oversight is partly what led to the crisis we now face. To expect the same people to prudently utilize the financial bailout funds would be foolhardy at best. Although action needs to be taken quickly, all factors need to be considered to ensure a long-term resolution.
Let’s remember also that even in these difficult times, many families are being created and people are entering the housing market. For consumers looking to buy, there are tremendous opportunities as we are all aware. The key here is working your contacts, embracing social networking and developing your Web presence.

Sitting in the office listening to others whine while waiting for the phone to ring is an exceptional exit strategy from the real estate profession. If things you have been doing are not working for your business, then do something different! Meet with different groups, attend different gatherings and review your entire business plan.

Get away from people who do nothing but complain. One negative individual will bring down 10 positive individuals quicker than 10 positive can bring up one negative.

Don’t waste time on those who say how bad things are; focus on how you are going to make a difference. RE


#1 By Scott Shapiro at 9/9/2016 11:19 PM

This is spot on and should inspire us all to focus on how we can renew our strategies to bettering ourselves and our businesses. Being a positive influence on those all around us would be a great way to start in making a difference individually.

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