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San Antonio 

I returned last night from attending the 2009 Coldwell Banker International Real Estate convention located in gorgeous San Antonio, Tx, which I must say is a fantastic place to visit.  The convention was held adjacent to the downtown riverwalk, which is like nothing I've ever seen elsewhere.  The narrow river snakes through the middle of the downtown for a bout seven miles (so the boat tour guides say) and is loaded with great resteraunts, shops, hotels, clubs and more. 

The Convention

The convention was great, I was able to smooze with around 1700 of the top agents from around the world.  I met a great agent, Praveen Mehta, and he invited us to visit his Coldwell Banker office Dubai, UAE (  The overall mood of the conference was upbeath, with many agents from various parts of the country reporting improvements in their markets over the last few months.  Many of the REO Agents (specialize in selling bank owned properties) are reporting their inventory levels have already peaked and their new listings are declining... which means much of the foreclosure situations in many areas is starting to normalize.

The Message 

The message that I came away from this year's meeting is that there are going to be around five million homes sold in 2009 and we, as agents, need to work harder than ever to provide superior services so we can get as many of those five million sales as possible.  Coldwell Banker Corporate is feeling very good about the market starting to improve as we work our way through 2009.  Its time to start playing offense in 2009 and not just playing defense. 

Oh yeh, I was also honored to be invited as the guest speaker at Coldwell Banker's Elite Dinner at the Red Berry Mansion.  It was such an honor to be speaking to/with the top 50 agents in the world and the corporate leadership of Coldwell Banker.  (it's a good thing they had complimentary wine before I had to do my part...)

I just wanted to thank my team and everyone (friends, clients, family, fellow-agents etc) who has allowed our team to consistently sell more homes than 99% of the Realtors in the world.

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