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I just wanted to share what a wonderful experience I had in Chicago at a real estate conference that was invitation only and for 25 of the top real estate influencers in the country.  I learned so much of what to do and even things not to do.  It was like a firehose of information and business advice and I am still trying to prioritize everything.

Wow, Chicago is a beautiful place, kinda like New York but newer, cleaner and people are more naturally engaging and talkative, at least to a Southern guy with a bit of an accent.  Thank you to all the fine folks in Chicago that I met, I really appreciate your hospitality. 

Markets are shifting all over the country.  There are a few pockets that seem to be on the upswing but I heard more people talking about how things have already began slowing and how they are preparing for the next shift.  You gotta understand, top agents thrive in downshifting markets because home sellers once again want the best possible agent representing them so they can not only maximize the selling price but more importantly assist in the massive mind field of issues that come up on more and more transactions.  When the market rises lots and lots of people jump in and think its all roses but guess what, when sellers begin to expect marketing, honest feedback, experience during the sales process etc they always go back to the agents who have proven over the long haul their worth.  

On my way home I experienced something in the airport in Charlotte that I will never forget and it reminded me what a wonderful country we live in and how there really is more good in the world than bad.   The bad just seems to have a much louder voice.  Watch the video above as I try to describe what I experienced.  

Have a great week and remember... we do live in the best place on this earth and as Howard Briton used to say "Get out of judgement and get into curiosity"!

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