Buyers Are Busy This Weekend.. Don't Get Bounced!

It appears the home buyers are out looking in force...  with interest rates dipping below 5% and the emerging fear of "missing the bottom", showings for our listings have exploded this weekend.  So far over 20 agents have scheduled appointments for today (and it's only 11:00am)...

Many Seller's (me included) missed the top of the market and then got bounced down in value, Home buyers are now starting to worry about missing the bottom and then getting bounced up in value.  Just remember, it takes several months for the media to let us know that the market has bottomed out (allah they just announced the country is in a recession.. go figure)..  so by the time the talkers start telling everyone to buy again.. it will be too late in some markets like Wilmington.  

We are very fortuante in Wilmington, there has been no decrease in demand to move here (actually we are getting more calls now with this cold Winter)...   folks just can't get rid of their houses in the Northeast and other cold areas of the country.  When things bounce in the Northeast and homes start selling there, inventory in Wilmington will fall and prices will bounce up quickly (we just dont have enough land/homes to supply all the real demand of folks wanting to move to Wilmington, NC).

If you're thinking about making a move to Wilmington we would love to help.  Last year we helped move hundreds of families to our area and we look forward to welcoming more new neighbors to Wilmington NC Real Estate and Homes. 

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