Buddy Blake Team To Launch Real-Life New Homes Mania Contest

Have We Lost Our Mind? 

The Buddy Blake Team has never claimed to be "normal", actually we've always done pro-active marketing "outside the box" with such offerings as:  Guaranteed Home Sale; Free Moving Truck; Quick Show Listings; Coming Soon Listings; Total MLS Search System; Monday Morning Coffee; Client Concierge Center and more...   we've caught much grief over the years from "traditional thinking" agents in our area and actually have had other agents try to have our website and marketing ideas shut down.

WELL... we've gone overboard now...   NEXT WEEK our NewHomesMania.com website will go live and will feature crazy, survivor type games and events that pit the best new home neighborhoods and agents in the area against each other for YOU THE VISITOR to vote on.  Yes, its crazy and not the normal... but's that's what we are wanting...  we believe in going over the top for our clients and in the meantime having a lot of fun doing so. 

Watch for the debut of NewHomesMania.com next week in my Monday Morning Coffee blast.  All of the 10 minute episodes will be archived and streamed via YouTube, Mydeo and others...  

We hope you enjoy it and that we can make you laugh a little, as well as let you get a feel of our great new homes neighborhoods and incredible new home specialists.

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