Ben & Jerry’s Launches ‘Yes Pecan!’

ice creamRISMEDIA, January 7, 2009-Vermont ice cream company, Ben & Jerry’s, is wasting no time ringing in the leadership changes in Washington, D.C., by renaming its butter pecan flavor “Yes Pecan” in its Scoop Shops for the month of January, honoring the uniting theme of “Yes, We Can” as a message celebrating America’s opportunity for positive change.

“We want to be proactive in encouraging all of us to engage in the process of getting America back on a positive track,” said Ben & Jerry’s Chief Euphoria Officer, Walt Freese. “As we see it, it’s a good time and a fitting way for us to honor that change.”

The company is partnering with Common Cause, a nonpartisan, nonprofit advocacy organization founded as a vehicle for citizens to make their voices heard in the political process. Their Education Fund conducts research, education, and outreach activities. Proceeds associated to the sale of “Yes Pecan” will go to Common Cause’s Education Fund.

“Common Cause is excited to work with Ben & Jerry’s to spread a spirit of activism and optimism that we believe can make our government work for the common good as it tackles the big issues of the day,” said Common Cause President and CEO Bob Edgar. “An engaged citizenry is crucial for a healthy democracy.”

Common Cause and Ben & Jerry’s plan to activate consumers and fans through an on-line campaign to urge the general public to make its voice heard regarding critical policy decisions in the months ahead.

“We partnered with Common Cause because we feel it is everyone’s duty to step up to the plate to help make a fundamental change for the good of our country,” said Freese.

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