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Eager to share an idea for creating personal success in less seasoned agents, I was meeting Jason, a new recruit. We got together at a favorite local restaurant of mine. Thankfully I was not starving for the Buffalo wings drenched in a mouthwatering strawberry jalapeno sauce; I enjoyed a team lunch earlier in the day.

I learned about Jason’s world, his beginnings in real estate while I unpacked the paraphernalia of how our company is run. Over his cup of chowder and my diet Pepsi I got to know Jason. Like rote memorization I rattled off the advantages of working for RE/MAX. I wanted to get to the good part, enticing him with the new program we had to offer.

As we were getting into the conversation discussing mathematics of the splits, increasing income, lead distribution, advice from mentorship, newly furnished workspace - the waitress swooped in for refills.

“Ah.” She smiled and asked, “Someone looking to buy a house?”
A little caught of guard I responded, “Not really, but what would make you ask that?”
“Well right there.” She pointed at the letterhead on one sheet of paper, the balloon. “RE/MAX. Everyone knows RE/MAX means selling houses.”

Like someone smacked me upside the head, I saw the light, or should I say the balloon! Our waitress was not privy to our conversation, she saw the RE/MAX balloon and thought home sales. How often I forget the clout RE/MAX holds, the way they have intentionally branded their brand the past 40 years to be synonymous with home sales. No words need to be uttered nor explanation of services, the visual cue calls home sales to mind

Huh… Here I am creating new programs, generating a new face for our RE/MAX offices, polishing my presentation on what we have to offer.  The umbrella I stand under (or balloon) draws the customer’s train of thought. These customers are our bread and butter, the ones whom sell and purchase. Without the customers we have a failed business.

Program after program can be offered. We can spin "splits" equations and formulas to entice agents. However, if a customer does not turn to you for expertise in real estate transactions the equation is nonexistent.The strength of RE/MAX propels agents front and center in the market.

The battle to prove, explain, define, what we do has been fought and won already, RE/MAX agents are able to spend their time serving the customers instead of trying to explain who they. 

Vendors place signs in yards advertising services –  “Roof done by Black Dog and CO.”   “Pavement completed by Jackson Brothers.”

Real estate agents and companies have created “new” signs intending to stand out. Pictures of boats, birds, and various logos dot front lawns. Distinguishing between a sign for advertisement vs. signs for homes for sale driving through a neighborhood can be a task. Today’s quick paced world does not allow time to debate whether a home is for sale or getting their roof done?  The colors, logo and word RE/MAX, spoken or seen requires no interpretation, only calls forth automatic thoughts of home sales.

Friends or ours travel throughout the world and send us pictures; pictures of people standing beside the RE/MAX red white and blue.
RE/MAX has a the most global presence all over the world! Universal. No translation required

This is key, priceless for anyone breaking into the real estate market, whether buying or selling as an agent or client!

I rattled off numbers, metrics, tactics and figures for Jason at the start of our meeting. The instant recognition of RE/MAX from the waitress drew me back to the truly important issue. If you are not first in line as an agent or a home for sale, you blend in with all the rest. No program or equation can fix that.

I am going to have all of my future meetings at my favorite dive from now on!  Although next time I will speak less and allow myself to be distracted by those surprisingly sweet, yet spicy wings.  The RE/MAX balloon can do all the work while I take a break.    

by Buddy and Erin Blake of RE/MAX Essential located in Wilmington North Carolina.  
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