100% No Money Down Loans Now Available

We have been notified that four of our new home neighborhoods are now eligiable for 100% USDA No Money Down Loans.  Each of these neighborhoods are also eligiable for the one-time $8,000 first time buyer tax rebate. 
KEEP IN MIND that you must CLOSE ON THE HOME before December 1st, 2009 to qualify for the $8,000 rebate.

The eligiable new home neighborhoods in the Wilmington area are:

  • Sellars Cove |  New condo's from $109,900
  • The Willows  |   New townhomes from $119,900 and New Single family homes with garages from $150's
  • Coral Ridge  |  New homes from $150's near Carolina Beach
  • Mill Creek Landing  |  New homes with garages from $140's

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