The Buddy Blake Real Estate team is led by Buddy Blake, a local Wilmingtonian with over twenty years of experience in real estate sales in the Wilmington and surrounding areas.  As one of the pioneering real estate team leaders in the industry, Buddy has been an innovator and on the cutting edge of real estate marketing, sales and team-building since 1999.  Not only do real estate agents succeed while working on Buddy's team, but numerous top agents in our area began their careers on Buddy's team and then went on to become top agents and team leaders themselves.  As with any forward-minded leader, Buddy and his team are always looking for "good people" that are teachable and willing to do the hard work to really thrive in the real estate business. 

If you are interested in having a conversation about joining or learning more about Buddy Blake Real Estate please review the current needs Buddy has or may have in the very near future:

 √  Licensed Real Estate Agent:  Whether you're new, soon to be new or things are just not working where you are now.  CLICK HERE to learn more

√   Inside Sales Assistant:  Serve and connect prospective home buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants with our team of professional real estate agents.  Does not initially require an NC real estate license, but it is preferred.  We will consider providing a real estate school scholarship for candidates we feel are a good fit with our team.  Hourly paid part-time position plus conversion bonuses. CLICK HERE to learn more