Thinking About Selling Your Home?

If you're considering selling your home, no matter where you live, please take a few minutes and watch this video where I break down some questions you need any potential real estate agent to be able to answer.   The old days of selling homes by simply putting a sign up is gone.  We spend more time and money behind the scenes than ever before and quite frankly very few agents are spending the time, money and creative juices that it takes to get homes sold in today's (and tomorrow's) marketplace.

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IT'S YOUR HOUSE And That Makes YOU The Pro

Instead of walking in and acting like we know everything about everything we will sit down with you and your family to LISTEN to what your needs and expectations are.  Selling a home and moving is a life changing event and there is much more to it than just price and time.  We work together with families to make sure we strategize TOGETHER to achieve your overall goal.   One of the ways we are finding that helps buyers see themselves living in your home and also personalizes the process is to get our sellers (seller's option) to participate in our exclusive Home iTours and share the awesome things about living in the area and home, since you the seller knows a lot more about the home and neighorhood.  << watch sample video >>

TEAM WORK Sells More Homes

homesellingthumb_319Over the years our team of real estate experts have continued to sell more homes than other teams, not just in the Wilmington area, but also in the entire state of North Carolina.  Our team has also been ranked in the top 100 Wall Street Journal real estate teams worldwide.   I'm not sharing these successes to brag, but we are applying for a job.   

Unlike most agents who are single handedly attempting to do all the hundreds and hundreds of things it takes to make it in todays real estate world our team is structured to specialize in the various trades of the real estate world.  Our listing team, which is Jeff Chase and Buddy Blake (that's me), work continuously to make sure our seller clients properties are staged, positioned, and marketed as well as possible.  We do not take "duty time" or work with buyers who need an agent to drive them all over town.  Our reason for doing this is very simple... we need to be hyper-focused on making sure we cover all the potential known and unknown things that are needed to get a home sold.  We, nor our seller-clients, can not afford to be out of touch while showing buyers around.. we must be ready to answer questions, get and give feedback, and strategize with our seller clients in a real-time way.  << meet our team >>


remaxhomepage_225As our gorgeous coastal North Carolina continues to be "discovered" by buyers from all over the world, it has never been more important to ASSOCIATE WITH SUCCESS.  I've been in the real estate business since 1998 and our team has sold over 2,000 homes and it still amazes me how many buyers contact us through and because of the RE/MAX brand. Being that RE/MAX sells more peoples homes than anyone else on the planet we are fortunate to benefit here in Wilmington because people who choose RE/MAX to sell their home, wherever they are from, and choose to work with WHO THEY KNOW when looking for their next home. How does that help you?  Its real simple... we have nearly 50,000 buyers in our RE/MAX system that are looking for homes every single day and that allows us to market and expose your home to all those RE/MAX buyers.  In addition to marketing and staying in front of the buyers we constantly, and pro-actively, market our sellers properties to RE/MAX agents in over 85 countries so they can possibly get part of the commisison (we share ours.. it does not cost our seller clients any more money) when their seller's home sells and they turn into a buyer.    << watch in real-time buyers search >>