August 2009

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I just wanted to do a quick blurb about some things we are seeing in the current marketplace.  With all the new lending regulations (appraisals, time-frames etc) its VERY important you KNOW who you're dealing with when getting a mortgage. 

My opinion is that you should make sure you are dealing with a Mortgage BANKER.. they are able to still do 21 day closings in most cases and as quick as 10 days for rush situations.  Also, they are able to make sure the appraiser is from the local area.  We've seen a rash of appraisers being done by folks from as far away as Charleston, SC... they have no idea of the different factors effecting our local market and most don't even have access to the local MLS.. they are cheap and the "3rd party" appraisal ordering

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"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take . . .
but by the moments that take our breath away." ~ Unattributed


You've heard that it's good to "take time to smell the roses." You may have also read how Steven Covey encourages you in "Seven Habits" to take time to "sharpen the saw." You no doubt have also experienced the frustration of trying to find even a spare moment for yourself.

Why do so many sources advise taking time off for yourself for thoughtful introspection? Don't they know it's impossible in today's fast-paced world of money, soccer games, career challenges, family responsibilities, church & school activities, and so much more?

In fact, our society is totally preoccupied with all

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Power in Honesty
Staying True To Your Word

Promises are easily made. Keeping them often proves more difficult because when we are pressured to strive always for perfection, we find it simpler to agree to undertake impossible tasks than to say no. Likewise, there is an infinite array of circumstances that conspire to goad us into telling falsehoods, even when we hold a great reverence for truth. When you endeavor to consistently keep your word, however, you protect your reputation and promote yourself as someone who can be trusted to be unfailingly truthful. Though your honesty may not always endear you to others—for there will always be those who fear the truth—you can nonetheless be certain that your integrity is never tarnished by the patina of deceit.

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